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Natural rock outcroppings on Robinson Crusoe Island are not Mayan "monuments."

Jim Turner

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Reply Apocalypse Island
1:25 PM on December 24, 2012 
Mystery of Jim Turner. His photo has been removed from his membership of this site. All three of his comments have been removed with the note "This content has been removed due to abuse." Removed by who? What abuse?
His website, with all its pages, photos and chronicles, is gone .
Apocalypse Island
What is there now is the announcement
"NOTICE: This domain name expired on 12/18/2012 and is pending renewal or deletion."
Reply lawless
12:15 PM on March 16, 2012 
I am not here to cast disparaging remarks of any sort. However I was wondering of anyone who actually step foot on this speck of land, can you tell me how visable is the outcroping from the shoal? It does not seem as though the location is one that was ever meant to be a settlement for more than a couple of days. Therefore the aesthetic value, at a distance, must be a consideration of labor (outside of a theological impetus).
2:04 PM on January 3, 2012 
La tumba que buscas no la encontrarás en esta dimensión; la isla del apocalipsis también está en cuarta dimensión, allí serán llevados sólo algunos seres humanos capaces de lograr esa transformación radical. Para "entender y comprender" verdaderamente el enigma MAYA y parte de sus símbolos te recomiendo abordarlo desde lo "oculto" o "gnóstico". Te dejo un link que ojalá puedas revisar con apertura mental y de corazón...creo que el corazón está abierto, se nota la pasión por esa investigación. Obviamente no está completa y fue poco entendida por la gente, pero eso: ¿qué importa!.

Reply Andyn3
2:04 AM on June 28, 2011 
I'd like to first thank Jim and all the work he has done to search for mysteries of this world that are possibly related to or are Mayan monuments. I hadn't realized people have been bashing his work which is a search for answers about the Mayans who obviously knew a whole lot about our world and the universe. Jim I think your work is extremely interesting and I look forward to any future progress you make and I hope you can update us on any new findings. I think today we spend too much time with our heads looking down and not up(to the heavens) unlike the Mayans. Heck there's so much light around us we truly can't see the nights sky unless we're in the middle of nowhere. With that said, the Mayans knew stuff, they figured things out about our universe and any new findings about them is just flat-out awesome! I believe that something will happen Dec. 21, 2012 and what that is I'm really not sure but I try to use a little science and if some planets align then I'd like to imagine magnets aligning and gaining strength through this alignment. So there magnetism increases (like some roller coasters that space out magnets to pull the coaster) or possibly pushes away(north to north repel) but my point or question is could this disrupt the way our world works or the current status of our oceans, land, volcanoes, due to the pull or push of an alignment... I don't know but the Mayans knew something and could they have possibly known what this alignment would cause? Either way time will tell and thanks again Jim for your work and I look forward to any knew findings!
Reply Alex Romildo
4:53 PM on April 18, 2011 
FERNANDO PAIVA MELO:Juan Fernández, Isla de primera apocalíptica isla (Chile).
Isla de Fernando de Noronha segunda isla apocalíptica (Brasil-PE).

Isla de Fernando de Noronha se apocalíptica segunda isla en América del Sur

Al ver su obra del Dr. Jim Turner, The History Channel en el canal, "La isla apocalíptico," hasta que se puso de manifiesto que los mayas fueron capaces de adelantarse en el conocimiento de astronomia.Apesar de la mayoría de sus conocimientos se han quemado o derretido por Los españoles fueron los observatorios astronómicos en particular las obras y se hicieron por el cual sus observações.Assistindo este trabajo, se me ocurrió una pregunta personal, donde yo estaba por tres veces en Fernando de Noronha y vio personalmente a poner la cima de la colina en la isla de Noronha en un lugar conocido como Playa de la concepción, con el espectáculo The History Channel transmitió un documental sobre lo que la isla de Juan Fernández apocalíptica que se encuentra en el país (Chile), llegó a Palenque como base resposta.Tomando posible que el primer partido, el distancia entre las dos islas a Palenque es casi lo mismo, y éste, en el oeste Juan Fernández, y uno en la primavera de Fernando de Noronha, con la declaración del Dr. Jim Turner, el Rey Maya Cham-Bahlun renacer como un justo antes de los tres eclipses de 2012, la forma de la piedra, una cara con el jefe indio para braquecéfala Monumento de Noronha, frente al este, y la afirmación de que su tumba no se ha encontrado, sin embargo, pensé que eran demasiadas coincidencias coincidências.Vale sólo a ser muy interesante observar que sería su opinión de este tornero Discovery Dr.Jim tan importante para la Historia de Brasil para su carrera y se para la humanidad.
El archipiélago de Juan Fernández encuentra 600 km de la costa de Chile.
? El Archipiélago de Fernando de Noronha 545 kilometros Será De La Costa de Brasil.
? La isla de Fernando de Noronha será un solsticio de 2012 en el solsticio de verano del hemisferio norte se produce alrededor de 21 de junio.
? La isla de Juan Fernández será el solsticio de invierno alrededor de 2012 segundo 21 de diciembre.

distancias exactas de los lugares:
Isla de Juan Fernández (Robinson Crusoe) a Fernando de Noronha, 5.907 kilometros, Palenque a Fernando de Noronha: 6.906 kilometros de Palenque a Juan Fernández (Robinson Crusoe): 5.850 km.

Existe la posibilidad en 2012 de un posible tsunami hoy conmocionado por la costa brasileña, posiblemente el primer sitio en el lado norte es Fernando de Noronha, según cientitas Inglés.

gracias esperando una respuesta.

email: [email protected]
Reply Jim Kerner
9:04 PM on February 3, 2011 
I am with you Jim, don't worry about anyone. Just do what you love. Hell, Christopher Columbus sweared to everyone he reached Asia and Japan when he actually reached Hispanola and Cuba. Everyone believed him, not to say you are wrong but, people believed that and then they were proven so wrong. So people will be skeptical and try to prove you wrong and than one day you may prove the whole world wrong!! To me, the program was kinda long and a little boring but I did learn new things. I love to learn, knowledge is the ultimate gift. When I saw the rock formation, to me it seemed credible. The best thing to have in the world is an open mind because we can be proven wrong everyday about every little thing. I keep my mind open, who says the Mayans couldn't have found that Island? It's totally possible. It is just as amazing as cultures building structures that revolved around our planet, finding positions of planets and also building massive things like the Pyramids of Giza. I think I am rambling right now, but anyway, I am for your exploration. I don't believe in the world ending in 2012 at all but I do believe its possible the Mayans or someone else for that matter could have carved that.

Oh and by the way, I did hear the program say that it was "almost uninhabited." People who said that you said it was uninhabited need to get their ears checked!

Jim Kerner
Reply Jim Turner
9:11 PM on October 18, 2010 
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Reply Jim Turner
2:01 PM on October 10, 2010 
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Reply Jim Turner
1:53 PM on October 10, 2010 
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