Apocalypse Island

Natural rock outcroppings on Robinson Crusoe Island are not Mayan "monuments."

Jeff Salz is NOT part of the scam

Many people in attacking the History Channel's Apocalypse Island program or Jim Turner's insistence that these rock lumps are Mayan monuments include Jeff Salz in their condemnation.  This is really not fair.  Jeff never endorsed Jim's preposterous claims either in the program or on his own website.  Some people in commenting on the program picked up on this.

Here is a comment from Joseph on January 4 on 

Apocalypse Island Mayan Jim Turner and History Channel Schedule  

Apocalypse Island was the biggest farce I have seen in weeks.  Shame on the History Channel for airing something so ridiculous.  The programmer and producer should be ridiculed!!!  First of all, they only show the island during the last fifteen minutes of the show.  Second they show a column of basalt and try to convince you it's a Mayan temple? no monument? no celestial marker.  He drug this poor friend (Jeff Salz) along to scale the height of this 150 foot column to look for a clue to 2012.  The friend intelligently asks, where's the evidence of human intervention? The response?  I have to wait for the archeologists to examine the site.  Trust me there is no sight or site. ... This show was absolute bunk. ... 

Here is what dszlauer had to say on March 28 on

The History Channel Special Presentation: Apocalypse Island

what a waste of time...  This was the most ridiculous documentary on Mayan anything I have ever seen. The guy is an absolute idiot, and the guide (Jeff Salz) that he hired. Well lets just say I was waiting for him to turn on this guy and kick his ass for dragging him all this way to see a freaking rock cliff. ...  

Here is a comment from Lennywc on November1 on Sodahead

What I want to know is, how in the hell did this Turner crackpot talk History Channel into funding his vacation to a pacific island? This so called monument was nothing more than a crumbling rock. The narration seemed to be describing and commenting on something other than what was on the screen. The bearded fellow (Jeff Salz) that accompanied Turner on this trip I am sure was angry and embarrassed that he got sucked into this horrible scam. I felt he just wanted to just distance himself from Turner's fantasy. The poor slob was stuck. This Turner is either a moron or a master scam artist! To get his vacation filmed and narrated and shown on tv, Amazing. And please, No more Whitley Streiber, another scam artist. This show was absolutely ludicrous. 


Here are some of Jeff Salz's own comments from his site,

The Adventure of Global Culture Change  

for November, 2009.

January 5, 2010: "As you noticed, Ed, I was skeptical throughout. I remain skeptical."

January 10, 2010: Cecil: I agree with you! Too much hype about the 2012 end date… and the ‘monument’ was a bit of a disappointment. Great trip. Glorious island.  Wild adventure. And I thought the photography was in itself worth the watch.  

January 14, 2010: With regard to your question (On your climb, did you see any direct evidence that the rock/monument had been deliberately worked by humans in the distant past?)…. all I can say is that at no point and at no place on/near the “monument” was I able to detect any historical presence of humans. Should have been a scrap of tool, shred of scaffolding… something. I’m not saying it is definitely NOT what Turner thinks, but I never saw any evidence. 

From "About":

From "Mike", January 4, 2010: 

Dear Mr. Salz,

I stumbled upon “Apocalypse Island” on the history channel tonight and was very intrigued.

However, in all the shots of the actual “monument” I couldn’t for the life of me make out how Mr. Turner concluded it was man-made or carved in any way.

I didn’t see a jaguar and I didn’t see a face. But to be fair, again, the shots of the monument in the program were very brief.

I was somewhat surprised that the show didn’t have you both examining the carvings up close to confirm for the viewer it was indeed man-made.

As far as I can tell, it was a natural formation.

I’ve looked online for pictures but there aren’t many and I can’t see any man-made figures in them any way.

Do you happen to know of or have any pictures that show this object was man-made that you could share?

Thanks for reading.

Best Regards,

Michael Andreas 

From Jeff Salz, January 5, 2010: 

Mike: You may well be right. More research is needed before it can be definitively stated that the monument is of human construction.

For more info – You can reach Jim Turner at http://www.apocalypseisland.com/ 

From "Mike H", January 4, 2010:

... what we didn’t see were any actual carvings of the jaguar or any other. It looked like crumbling volcanic rock. Did we miss something? ...

From Jeff Salz, January 5, 2010: 

... No, you did not miss anything. We never did uncover any actual carvings. Turner’s musings are inspired [by] the general shape of the ‘monument’.

Initially, I too thought I was going to see petroglyphs of some sort. ... 






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