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Natural rock outcroppings on Robinson Crusoe Island are not Mayan "monuments."


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This comment was originally posted to Jim Turner's own site, but when he removed it, I posted it to the History Channel's Community at http://community.history.com/topic/4239/t/Armageddon-Apocalypse-Island.html

There are no photos showing the rock formations are man made because there is no evidence they are man made. This is an “Emperor’s New Clothes” farce, only those who really, really want to see Mayan sculpture in these lumps of rock will see it. Whether you call it a hoax, a scam, a sham, or disinformation, this was a shameful ruse which wasted two hours for thousands of people. 

Never mind that Robinson Crusoe Island is not in the middle of the Pacific but in the far southeast corner, is not uninhabited, is not inaccessible, but is well traveled with tourist trails over the island, including one that goes to the immediate vicinity of the rocks and a campsite with permanent buildings there. It is 3500 miles from Guatemala and the Mayans. Iberia to the Bahamas (the voyage of Columbus) is only 4000. So the Mayans sent hundreds of workmen 3500 miles in canoes to work for years to create sculpture which would not be seen for hundreds of years. How would they know of the existence of the Juan Fernandez Islands? Told by Polynesians from Easter Island? Or by the Ancient Aliens of Erich von Däniken?

Then what about that two sided figure, a snail viewed from the south and a jaguar viewed from the north. There are such two sided sculptures in the world, Margaretta and Mephistopheles in the Salar Jung museum are very impressive.



But I do not think the Mayans or other natives of Mesoamerica ever carved such. Then the jaguar seems to have collapsed, it no longer has the space under its chin or between its front and back legs.

But the snail’s back does not have corresponding collapses.

There is nothing whatsoever in either the program or Turner's website to make me think either that those rock outcroppings are man-made or that any Native Americans reached these islands before Juan Fernandez discovered them. Even Jeff Salz, who accompanied Turner, does not defend the Mayan origin of the rock formations. In his response of January 14, he states "all I can say is that at no point and at no place on/near the “monument” was I able to detect any historical presence of humans."


Archeologists say there were no humans on these islands before the Spanish discovery.



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John Horse
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Disgusting waste of time

Worst program I ever saw on the History Channel. Turner is a total fraud and he is not even likable or believable in presenting this hoax. No Mayans, no "monuments", nothing to see. Total waste of two hours. Watch two guys take a fishing boat from Valparaiso to Robinson Crusoe Island when they could have taken an airplane or a ferry and the guys are not even interesting. Maybe Woody Allen could remake it with funny dialog like "What's Up, Tiger Lily?" Mayans going the same distance in the Pacific as London to New York in canoes, finding an unknown island over 400 miles from the mainland. Trying to build mystery by using a spooky voice and not telling us the name of the island was childish. Telling us it is unknown, uninhabited and inaccessible when it is a popular tourist destination with hotels, hiking trails and campgrounds is dishonest.

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Apocalypse Island
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Robinson Crusoe Island - 

The program never gave the name of the island. Trying to make it mysterious, the island was presented as unknown, uninhabited, and inaccessible. The island was only definitively identified when Jim Turner put a map of the island with the location of the rock outcroppings indicated on his website. http://photos.apocalypseisland.com/GalleryFilmstrip.aspx?gallery=296763&mid=9902975&mt=Photo (Click on it to enlarge) The map has Isla Robinson Crusoe printed across the middle of it. The location is at Villagra Valley tourist camp, with a tourist trail going to it and permanent buildings, the site of the annual Villagra Rodeo. The program also described the island as being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean when it is actually on the far southeast corner, in cold water. See my new website, http://apocalypseisland.webs.com to see links to maps and photos plus comments by Dr.Haberle, an archeologist who has worked on Robinson Crusoe Island and who has actually seen the rock formations.

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